Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What's inside?

Hello readers,

I hope everyone's enjoying the great and stable weather we've been having for the past couple of days! Many of you ladies either switch to your Spring (seasonal) handbag or do like me and add color to various ones. What's lovely about Spring and Summer is that you no longer stick to blacks and darks. You can alternate fabrics as you can alternate colors and sizes. Either or, you must fill that accessory with a few goodies. Here's what you'll definitely find in my purse(s) during Spring's mild weather: 

A day with the handbag:
I try to stick to a medium-sized purse where everything can fit.

Handbag: Louis Vuitton - Wallet: Louis Vuitton - Sunnies: Chanel
★ Daily planner: I often get so busy and overbook myself. I need a daily reminder to know what my day will look like.

 ★ Chapstick: you eat-drink-talk-run around all day long. Every so often, give yourself a 10 second break and moisturize your lips.

★ Handcream: I call this little fella' a life saviour. With the weather juggling up and down, your hands can easily get dry. Keep your hands healthy

★ Sunglasses: nowhere without my shades. I alternate between my prescription and regular sunglasses. As stylish as they can be, they also serve wellagainst the sun. Protect yourselves at all times.

★ Ipod: relax on the way to your destination

★ Iphone: Need I say more?

★ Iphone charger: if im out all day, I would love to not be cellphoneless at the end of the day....

★ Gloss: always a keeper inside your purse

★ Water + Gum: stay hydrated & fresh

★ Wallet: the accessory that kills me the most...

A night out with the clutch:

Bring your touch ups and important pieces.

Mini Hamilton Bag: Michael Kors - Orange Clutch: FaFa

★ Card holder: comes in handy when a wallet cant fit!

★ Keys: you want to get home without waking anybody

★ Gloss + Liner: small makeup touch ups!

I always try and stay colour coordinated with my clothes and accessories (shoes+bag). Don't try to stay too matchy-matchy but avoid exposing too much colour. Try to explore beyond your comfort zone as you may find your next sweet colourful deal...

What's in your purse?



  1. This is such a fun post, love seeing what other stylish bloggers carry around!