Monday, 1 April 2013

Highlights of Easter's weekend

Hello to all,

I hope you all enjoyed your 3 or 4 day long weekend! 

I certainly did. 

What I love about long weekends is that I get to see all of the people I love most and cherish every single moment I have with them. As it was Easter weekend, these past few days were strictly dedicated to family and great close friends.
Coming from a European family, I was primarily surrounded with constant various culinary dishes (it was literally one after the other). I'd love to know how can one manage eating three full meals a day (each one counting as five) by squeezing in that delicious sweet bread  your mother has been baking for the last couple of days in between. Did I mention the Easter eggs? Other deserts? I think it's that time of the year where you don't really realize what really gets in your belly because you're mainly focused on the amount of fun you're having. It can typically be compared to impulse shopping when the new seasons hit...Do you agree?

Now that I've put myself in strict detoxication, I can share with you a few highlights of my weekend. Here are some of my favourite shots...

Favourite Moment //Basket preppin'

Favourite Deco //Easter lilies

Favourite Precious Snapshot //Family love

Favourite Easter Gift //Yellow Tulips

Favourite Desert //Mom's delicious unbeatable cheesecake

Favourite Hunt // Finding an Easter Pearl Bunny'

Favourite Table Accessory //Evil goodies

Favourite Purchase //What's a long weekend without a little shopping splurge?

What were you up to this past long weekend?

JKal -xo.


  1. mmm what goodies:)I like what I see!

  2. Hey honey! Just found your blog and I love it! So I'm following you now on GFC
    Check out mine if you have time and feel free to do the same if you like it!


  3. Hej draga, hvala ti sto si svratila do moga bloga :-) Imas divan blog i naravno da bih voljela da pratimo jedna drgu. Pratim te preko Gfc-a (kao Ivana, bez fotke) i Bloglovina (kad nam vec ukidaju Gfc na ljeto). Voljela bih kada bi i ti mene :-) pusa velika i pisemo si :-)

  4. Great blog!
    follow for follow?

  5. Thanks for the comment :) I'd love to follow each other! Now following you on GFC and Bloglovin' x

  6. Oh, I loved my long easter weekend too - great to see the family and old friends!


  7. Great pics. im glad you had a lovely easter weekend. I would love it if you dropped by to my blog and if you like, we could follow each other?

  8. great pictures !<3
    love blog !<3
    I follow you now ;d