Friday, 26 April 2013

The First Date

For some unknown reason, when us ladies get asked out on a first date, we tend tohave a nervous breakdown. Whether its the first stomach butterflies or the anticipation of seing your date, something just puts us through a tragic state of mind. Can we all agree that this so called stress might derive from the so called wardrobe dilemma?

Do you suddenly become Carrie Bradshaw and plan out countless amounts of potential outfits that you may or may not wear? Or do you stay true to your first choice? 

A woman must always know the destination of her date in order to avoid a possible wardrobe meltdown. If one of you ladies is kept out of the loop and will be surprised on the spot, I highly suggest to atleast ask your date about the clothing formality of your night out. You may either be faced with a casual or formal first day. Let's go through some Fashion ideas and guide you to a successful night out...


✔ Culinary Date
When the date calls for a fancy restaurant, turn things up a notch in a subtly sexy fitted dress and printed envelope clutch. Bold, statement-making earrings will keep his attention, ahem, upward, and a cute, lightweight trench will make for a great reveal. A pair of spiky peep-toe heels does wonders to elongate your legs, but don't go any higher than you're comfortable with – the last thing you need is a face-plant on arrival. 
Avoid: Tights, oversized handbags, and talking about your ex at the table. Avoid any "extra" details. You don't want to scare him off.

✔ Movies 
Let's face it. Movies may not be the most original and advantageous of first dates, but they happen. You must keep in mind that you'll be in a casual environment, so opt for skinny jeans in a dark wash, a simple tank or top and a lightweight sweater (just in case). Pack some hand sanitizer (you might get popcorn & candy fingers) in your tote. Avoid: High heels, skirts & bringing your expensive handbag.

✔ Drinks by the bar
Heading to a dimly lit bar to shoot some pool, play a song on the jukebox or just hang by the bar? Stay with your low-maintenance and fun look. Don't overdo it and pull a girlie look. Show your feminine side with a pair of fitted jeans and a bright semisheer tanks, then add a tougher edge with a black leather jacket and architectural booties (wedge or flats). Avoid: Miniskirts, cleavage. Choose your choice of vocabulary wisely. Stay classy.

Remember to stay yourself at times in your own comfort zone. One must never feel out of place. If that happens, let the red alarm ring...

Never overdo it on a date. If you put all of your effort in the first few dates, you'll have no imagination and character left later on!

Enjoy your dates ladies! : )



  1. Great tips and suggestions for the date nights. Very well thought out.

  2. Great tips, though I do think, just by personal experience, since I'm one of those crazy ladies that feel so much more comfortable in heels I'd wear heels no matter what lol. I always surprise my dates how composed I am in heels and how I trip over my own feet in flat shoes. Other than that the tips are great, especially when to dress nicer and when to keep it more casual.

    xoxo, Diana ☠

    1. Thanks dear! You're very fortunate to be able to wear them at all times!
      Thanks for the sweet comment! -xo