Thursday, 31 January 2013

My Chic of the Week

It's ThrowBackThursday dear readers.
Hope you're having a stylish week!

For those who have been reading my blog religiously, you probably noticed that I never introduced Hollywood stars in my articles. Reason being is that I consider that as "standard blogging". My goal is to mainly use basic photography throughout my entire blog for you to get more acquainted with the actual article rather than constantly being inspired through pictures.
Leave some for your imagination...

I am making an exception today because I want to share my current inspiration of the week.
Reese Witherspoon is a known actress who marked her trait with simplicity.

This particular outfit she pulled off on the streets of LA remarkably stood out as soon as I came across it. She accentuated this look by colorblocking black and white with gold. In my personal opinion, the bag and the flats highlight this chic allure.
To summarize it?
Feminine - Simple & Well-put

A simple look is easy to maintain without any effort needed. (Ps: this should be your goal for every outfit)
You absolutely need to feel confident looking simple.
Remember, less can be more BUT...more of you just feels so much better! Right?

Here are some tools to help you ace this fabulous look.

Let's not follow head-to-toe. What do you say about toe-to-head?
Find a statement piece in your look. For example, rock it with some Shoes.
Work your way up but finding a great deal on fitted Black Crops.
Let's most certainly not forget the "it" Bag that you'll be holding on to.
A simple Sweater is always a safe choice. If you need an extra punch, add a brooch or handmade pin.
An all-you-can-wear-with Bangle is great company to have.

Here's a little challenge...
What would you add to this look to make it more original?
Send your tips over on JKal's Facebook Page or comment below.

 Believe.  Dress.  Inspire.

                                                                                JKal -xo 

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Share with Love

Hello dear readers,
JKal's Community is growing every day! 

Let's continue!

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Friday, 25 January 2013


Have a jolly weekend dear readers
filled with lots of love & style.

                                                                            JKal -xo 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Winter 101- Survival Guide

Just a quick check-up...
Are we all ok? 

As you all noticed, unless you have been procrastinating at home for the past few days, this weather is unbearable. 

I previously wrote an article on winter accessories under Chilly White but can't seem to emphasize enough on how important it is to survive the cold appropriately. If you wish to read on the must-have winter accessories, take a look at it again.

When the cold weather hits it is not just important to dress well but to also take care of yourself with good nutrition and handy accessories that will avoid you to constantly take your gloves off. You might also consider certain beauty products that will prevent your skin from getting dryer.
Yikes !!! Hope you all have your pj's on!!

Here are my basic/handy accessories & ideas to keep in mind when the cold weather hits us hard!

1- Good sized handbag

Look for a durable, waterproof and well made bag to carry your other essentials around in the winter that can easily be wiped down if the muddy slush happens to get on it. Try to have enough space so your books can fit (for those in school) &/or your tools for work! Let's be honest, we already need to worry about covering ourselves from head to toe. Who wants to start carrying "x" amount of bags on them?

2- Earmuffs
Let's face it- hats aren't always handy, especially when we just spent fifteen minutes trying to make our ballerina bun. This is the most practical yet subtle winter accessory one can wear. Make use of it!
3- Ski socks

This is the best "camouflage" accessory that you can wear to battle the cold weather. 
I'll be honest, I don't always want to wear my heavy winter boots: that is when the socks come to the rescue! They will keep my feet warm even though my tall boots won't.

4- Warm woollen, cashmere, sweaters, cardigans, tees.

Wearing tight clothing and footgear restricts blood circulation...Results in?-->cold injury
Try to always wear a few lightweight layers.  It's proven that several layers are better than one thick layer due to the dead-air space between the layers. By having dead-air space, it provides extra insulation. In addition, let's not forget that we can take a few layers off to prevent sweating and to always add them back on to increase warmth.

5- Moisturizer

Try to moisturize your face two-three times a day. With the cold weather, your skin can get dryer more easily. Before you stick to your one and only moisturizer,make sure it is suitable for your face. Are you a combination? Dry skin? Oily skin? Checkmark the option that fits best for you & make the well-invested purchase.

6- Conditioner

Your hair is as important as your face in the winter time. Believe it or not, your hair gets dry the same way your lips and face can. Sadly, it's all part of the below zero degrees. A great seasonal cure for this issue is to use a conditioner. In my opinion, it is worth to spend the extra eight dollars on your hair a month for a luscious result. (Aveeno saved me)

6- Body Scrub

Give your skin an extra softness by using a natural body scrub. Let's try to escape the bad thoughts on cold.

6- Lip Balm

I cannot emphasize enough on lip balm. It is important to moisturize your lips every day ( a few times a day). Drink a lot of water to prevent your lips from getting dry.
Ps- This message is for men too!

7- Earphones

Sounds crazy, right? Just think how efficient this accessory is when you're walking on cold streets and want to make an important phone call. 

8- Essential foods to consume

Here are some important that can boost your metabolism and give your body enough energy to survive the cold weather:

Pomegranate seeds- great for your blood and fight inflammation.

Kiwi- immune system booster with high vitamin C. Tip: add some slices in your spinach salad.

Guava- prevents coronary artery disease. Tip: if you don't like it raw, combine it with some blue cheese and figs as a snack.

Brussels Sprouts- trim stems and remove outer layer. Mix it with some olive oil and a little sea salt & off to the 425 degree F. oven they go!


PS- Never forget your greens such as spinach- kale- and green salad! Make some space for some avocado as well!

Never forget to take care of yourself!!

                                                                                JKal -xo 

Monday, 21 January 2013

Favourites of the week

Happy Monday dear readers!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and snuggled up under your warm covers with a delicious chai latte. Given the weather that came and is coming our way, we are better off staying at home in a warm & relaxing environment. 

I decided to share with you my favourites of the week under these unpleasant cold circumstances. May I remind you, we are almost reaching thirty degrees below zero. 

Stay warm and stick to your winter-favourites!

1- Favourite breakfast
Custom Oatmeal

We probably heard this over a million times, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Try to avoid sugar such as nutella, peanut butter or croissants & replace it with a bowl of oatmeal. 
In the beginning of my healthy breakfast journey, I found oatmeal tasteless, so I decided to customize it by adding some cinnamon and sprinkle the top with some berries and pomegranate seeds.

2- Favourite stay-at-home activity
Tea + Words

One of my favourite things to do when I get a few minutes to myself is to make some hot delicious tea and read a good old' fashioned book or the latest magazine issue that is on my night table.
Given the fact that I started online Fashion school, there is nothing more comfortable than to be surrounded with your favourite items and spend a cozy night in your room.

3- Favourite Combination
Knit + Knit = Knits

How else will we survive the - degrees?

4- Favourite Quote

5- Favourite Music

When I'm busy running around the house or the office, I usually browse on Songza & have entire mix of songs I am in the mood to listen to on disposal.

6- Favourite Movie
Hepburn + Holden

Oldies always fascinated me.

What are your favourites?
Any must-haves you cannot survive your week without?

Have a wonderful cozy week!

                                                                                         JKal -xo 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Waiting for Eight

So much is happening in so little time!
Keeping track of your calendar is important in order to
A) Have an exciting countdown
B) Plan your budget accordingly
C) Organize yourself a few days in advance
D) *Plan your outfits*

I am currently looking forward to the following:

1-  Fashion Week
There is nothing more mesmerizing than experiencing the view of a new collection. I will be attending Symbiose by Hinda A., Nisse & Matiere Noire. 

2-  Attending a fabulous wedding
My beautiful cousin is getting married in the beginning of February. Truth be told, I never attended a Winter wedding. Being part of a precious day will be forever memorable.

3-  A little mail 
For the people who know me on a personal level, they know I pick online vs. store. Surprisingly, I can technically purchase a dozen new original items and spend the same amount that I would on a regular cotton sweater in the same store we keep revisiting.

4-  Valentine's
I dislike this event. That's exactly why I love celebrating it in the most unusual way: you would never possibly guess it's a "heart" day. Speaking of, can someone please remind me why there is only one day in the year when we must shout out the words I love you?

5-  Road Trip
I am so excited to go on a road trip with my best friend. Given the fact that she no longer lives a ten minute car ride away from me, hours on the road will not be a big deal. We will be attending our favourite singer's concert. Between our laughs and indulgence in our favourite traditions, there is no one I would rather share this experience with than her. 
"What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies."-Aristotle

6-  School Projects
The thing about Fashion School is that everything is left to your creativity. Putting your own personality and touch on paper and screen can be excitingly challenging.

7-  Celebrating a bundle of joy
There is nothing warmer to the heart than being reunited with your entire family. It is only a matter of time before we gather up and celebrate a baby girl's christening: the newest member of our family.
"A happy family is but an earlier heaven."
-George Bernard Shaw

8-  Air purchase
I cannot emphasize enough on SUMMER. I will finally be traveling to my homeland, Croatia. A place that I call home, no matter how far away it is from me.

& what are your plans?

                                                                                                  JKal -xo 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The V Word

Don't forget to...

Top Right Corner

Every blogger needs feedback!

PS- Feel free to email me & give your personal comments at

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Eyes on the Runway

Dearest Fashion followers, 

wait a second. I take that back.
We do follow Fashion but let me rephrase this properly in order to perfectly word myself for the appropriate ambiance.
To Fashion lovers, to those who see Fashion as something beyond the rack & tags, I would love to keep you posted on the following:

As many of us know, Montreal Fashion Week is just a few weeks away.
(February 4 - 7)
Make sure to purchase your tickets here in the next couple of weeks if you want to be the first to see what this city has to offer us for it's most beautiful season: Fall.

As for your attendance attire,  the event itself should help you figure that out.
There are no rules or limits during those four fashionable days!

Everyday is a Fashion Show & the world is your Runway.

Photo taken here

JKal -xo

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Palettes of ' Thirteen


As you all know, the Fashion Year is typically cut in two:
- Spring/Summer
- Fall/Winter

Luckily, we are slowly getting out of this winter misery where we dislike 9 outfits out of 10 due to our snowy Boot/Coat looks.

Although Fall is my favourite season, I get very excited to get my Spring/Summer clothes out of my closet because of all the bright colours I get to mix & match with my all year long pieces.

2013 is slowly brightening up by giving us the opportunity to spice up our wardrobe with these fabulous trendy colours:

      FOR MR. &  MS.

Keep in mind 2 rules to follow in the opening of a new season:

- Recycle Your Basics
- Spend Less

Ladies & Gents, I suggest you to work in the following order:

1. Clean your closet.
You both have closets to clean on a seasonal basis.
Women tend to forget what they bought and men don't seem to always realize that they are missing certain basics.
2. Study your budget.
You're not buying a new wardrobe.
Purchase small items that can change your look at a low cost.
You don't need to necessarily splurge in a new jacket or heels.
A simple coloured clutch or scarf can do the trick.
3. Explore the online world & mall madness.
Browse around before you suffer from impulsive purchases.
Try and make yourself a Wish List.
4.Buy your urgent pieces first.
By urgent, I mean new pants, blazers, shirts and shoes (if they got damaged in '12.)
5.Pick not more than five statement accessories.
For her: Cool Warm coloured sweaters and shirts will pair up nicely with neutral-tone blazers and cardigans.Brighten up your look with a lemon zest clutch or a nectarine collar necklace.
For him: Warm Cool coloured cotton/linen scarves would be ideal: you can throw ' em on any outfit.
For the preppy gents that want to spice up their look, try and invest in a classy pair of monaco blue loafers. Or better yet, challenge yourself with poppy red or dusk blue.
6. Trend the above.
Once you've accomplished the above, find your personal touch with these colour palettes.

Here are some accessories I am currently eyeing ladies, before the real season begins:

Suede Reva
Kenly Scarf
Before the hot sun rises
Chunky Lock

Gentlemen, take a look:
Driving Red
Micro Dots
Early Spring Zip
Silk Pocket

Just remember to add your touch.

Within these ten beautiful colours, Emerald seems to seal the deal for this season!
Seen on every runway, it is the hottest shade of the year.
I believe it is a rich & radiant colour of elegance that can reach everyone's skin tone.
Now the real question is... How will you rock this colour?

Comment & we'll discuss!

Browse. Shop. & Trend SS

JKal -xo

Friday, 4 January 2013


New Year, New Organization.
In my personal opinion, here are some essentials that should be present in your stylish environment at all time:

 In a Woman's Closet

1- Basic Flats
A pair you can wear with your denims, dress pants, a skirt or even a dress on those lazy days you deny your strength for heels.
2- Fitted Blazer
You can wear this timeless piece with pretty much anything. Pair it up with some drop down earrings or small studs. With a scarf &/or a hat.
3- A Scarf
Never enough of these! From cotton to cashmere, this accessory can change the entire outift!
4- Statement Jewels
Give a little life to the outfit!
5- Little Black Dress
It always saves the day!
6- Black Skirt
Chic & Classy.
7- A solid pair of heels
Medium height is always more secure.
8- A good pair of denims
A dark wash can do both: Chic & Casual.
9- Tall Boots
Count on them for lean legs & the perfect addition to your look!

          In your Purse

 1- A medium-sized wallet
Make sure it's big enough for all of your cards & coins to fit in!
 2- Daily Planner
Women tend to overbook. Keep track of your routine with this!
 3-Makeup bag 
Touch up where ever you go & always have a gloss in your purse!
 4- A strap on your purse
If you're leaving for the day, always make sure to carry a comfy tote with you.
 5- Your shades
Protect yourself.
 6- Lip balm
I can't possibly imagine a day without Esos.
 7- Your phone
Do we ever leave without it?

In your Powder Room

 1- Your nail polish 
  Who doesn't need a manicure kit?
 2- Scented  Potpourri
    Give the room a vintage smell. After all, it's your fifteen minute escapade.
 3-Scrubs & Exfoliators
A must-have. Make sure to scrub your face twice a week and exfoliate your whole body!
 4- Your signature Perfume
They say that if you don't smell the scent on you, the perfume is made for you!
 5- Your vintage accessories
Combine your mirror, hairbrush & pins on a vintage tray!
 6- Facial & Body Creams
 Don't overdue it for facial creams. Stick to neutral scents. The body, on the other hand, has no limit. From strawberry to coconut, splurge into the one that suits you!

In a Man's Closet

1- Timeless Sunglasses
I always thought it gives a man a look.
2- Basic Tees
Let's admit it, men always search for comfort.
3- A Tie & Pocket Scarf
Small accessories can make a big difference.
4- Classic Watch
Gentlemen need to be punctual.
5- Fitted Suit (2 or 3 piece)
Every man needs one in his closet.
6- A pair of denims
Just like a woman's essential, a dark denim can be casual & clean.
7- Dress shirts
A necessity. Easy for them, they can simply alternate in colours & have a brand new look.
8- Cologne
Screams power.
9- Casual Sneakers
The laid back look can be just as fashionable.

Remember, recycling pieces can be just as fun as buying new ones!
Enjoy building your new environment! 

JKal -xo

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The S Resolutions

Happy New Year my stylish readers!
Hope you all had fabulous Christmas Holidays.

So it's tradition to have a New Year's resolution. Think of it as a challenge

Here are my
New Year's S Resolutions

1. Study hard.
2. Shop smartly
3. Survive the exercise challenge
4. Save more : Travel More.
5. Say I Love you to the people that matter.

I do admit that it's often hard to follow resolutions.
If you have the "giving up" bone in your body, try and remind yourself every day what you will gain by sticking to those resolutions. 
Set yourself daily reminders on your phone or better yet, print pictures that will remind you where you want to be.
Anything helps.

Give yourself a big push. Next thing you know you'll be telling people about the great year you've had. 

Wishing everyone a happy challenge & exciting twelve months to come!

JKal -xo