Friday, 19 April 2013

My heart was left in Croatia

Ever daydream about your summer months ahead of time?
Here's what's on my mind...My homeland, Croatia

I am really looking forward to waking up to the smell of sea, fresh air & have a culinary feast with my loved ones. 
Most of all, I am looking forward to these views...


Zagreb, Capital

Bol, Brać- Dalmacija

Zadar, Dalmacija (Hometown #1)

Plitvićka Jezera, Lika (Largest National Park in Croatia)

Dubrovnik, Croatia (Pearl of the Adriatic Sea)

Rovinj, Istra

Split, Dalmacija (Hometown #2)

Trogir, Dalmacija (The place that has my heart)

Croatian Folk Dancing

Any plans for you?


  1. What an exquisite and picturesque country, I can see why you left your heart there, I would too!

  2. So beautiful country and I wish to be there ♥
    Join to my giveaway in new post Dear.
    kisses, BERRIES

  3. follow u now, so i'll see you soon on my followesr list too!
    nice blog <3

  4. Croatia is beautiful!What do you think about following each other? GFC,FB,Twitter?

    ciao xoxo!