Thursday, 28 February 2013

It's time again

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A day at Matière Noire's studio

Last Friday, I had the honour of meeting Matière Noire's designer, Cécile Raizonville, in her studio while glancing at her fabulous Spring/Summer 13 pieces.
We spent two hours talking about the start of her line, her first show she presented during Montreal Fashion Week & connection with European Fashion.

It was in July 2012 that she launched her first look-book for her SS13 line. As I sat down with her, I couldn't help but ask about the preparation for her MFW FW13 show. 
Did you know that Cécile participated in a contest judged by a jury in order to get her place at MFW? It was at the end of November of 2012 that she took the amazing opportunity and  decided to take a chance and pursue her true passion and make the public aware of it. 
This talented designer definitely had her mind set on putting her foot in this rapid ever-lasting industry. Although the timeline was constraint, she succeeded by putting on a creative show. Cécile barely had a full month and a half to put it all together. To read more about her show, click here.
  She is also looking forward to participate and showcase her line in the upcoming Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) event.

I cheated sweetly with Juliette.

As Oscar Wilde said: "The only thing I can't resist is temptation."
Last night, the man friend and I literally cheated on each other (sweetly) with Juliette. 

A classy little spot for a casual date with your girlfriends or boyfriend where you can instantly feel the French ambiance and let chocolate melt on your plate: Juliette & Chocolat.

Juliette & Chocolat, Laurier St. Montreal

Monday, 25 February 2013

JKal's Musts

Happy Monday readers!

Here are some musts you will need to keep in mind in order to finish the slushy winter and start a fresh spring. Also, take the opportunity to relax with some of these as the midterms and busy work schedule took up a lot of our time. Do you agree?

Must  Buy
a colourful statement clutch for Spring

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Night for Two

Hello readers!

Hope you had and are still having a fabulous weekend!
Here's something unusual on  JKal's blog: sharing Saturday night!

Last night's outing inspired me to write about an ideal couple's night out. 
The beau and I decided to combine all of our favorites in one night:
Food - Location - Fun

Silk floral Skirt, Femme de Carrière * Black cotton turtleneck, Mexx * Accessories: Marc by MJ, Tory Burch & Vintage 
(I felt a little' Asian inspired) 

Friday, 22 February 2013


'Lots of love

Enjoy the weekend

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Throwbacks around the globe.

The view I currently have outside my window & the memories I have trapped in my USB made me want to share with you my kind of Throwback Thursday : My Amazing Trips!

Munich, Germany '10

Brac, Croatia '10



Hello readers,

The month of love is already coming to an end and will hopefully bring us a fresh smell of spring! (especially after the blizzard we just had)

With all this commotion and running around,  I still want to share a few things that managed to catch my eye this month. 

Here are my favourites of this month :

Favourite Words

The Little Book of Chanel- Emma Baxter-Wright

Monday, 18 February 2013


Hello readers,

I've been MIA for the past few days due to a weekend getaway with a few girlfriends and the essays that welcomed me home. As I was editing my work, I came upon this beautiful quote that gave me a boost of energy for my last push before submitting my work.

Remember . . . 

+ > -
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Thursday, 14 February 2013

A day at Butik

Get your wallets out gentlemen! Ladies, don't be fooled, so should you (for your boyfriends & husbands). You'll need to hold onto it after being introduced to Montreal's newest downtown men's boutique, Butik !

The co-owner, Olga Irena, that I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with yesterday, believes that you can change yourself with what you wear. Behind that idea is how the creation of Butik  began.

Butik represents the way a man wants to look by selling classy statement pieces mixed with a laid-back edge. The store reaches out to a strong-minded man with a significant and confident look that embraces freedom, identity, style & self-expression. 

Although its primary target is a man ranging between the ages of 25-35, the store has seen a much wider clientele in the past few months.
The atmosphere of this boutique has seen great evolution so far due to the variety of clientele that have been purchasing the chic items.

As Olga and I sat down and sipped on tea, I took the opportunity to find out more about the fundamentals of this new shop. It took an overall of three months to be able to venture in the industry . Ever since the opening of its doors in December 2012 in Les Cours Mont-Royal, it has been ran by Olga. She plays the double role as co-owner and solo employee and manages to do both in a seven-day working week.

This store put its focus on two main brands: 
Selected & Cottonfield.
For those of you who don't know, Selected is known to be Best Seller's professional clothing line. The company also owns brands such as Jack & Jones, Only & Vero Moda.
Cottonfield and Selected are both European based brand from Denmark.
(You can't go wrong with a touch of European Fashion!)

This is a one-stop store for a man. 
It includes pretty much everything a man needs:
Jackets, Woolen Coats, Cargo Trench Coats, Pants, Denims, Sweaters, Shirts, T-shirts, Socks, Briefs, & many more to come in the Spring collection. A wide percentage of clients have constantly been coming back to the store and gave positive feedback on the amazing quality of the clothes and its price range.

By the way, Butik managed to bring a few Ralph Leroy accessories and is hoping to have a bigger variety of his line in the upcoming seasons.

Butik aims for a minimalistic and organic store layout and decor.
To give it a manly touch, organic wood is used all throughout the store. From wall panels to the cash register, the statement was repeatedly there. In addition, the trying rooms add a touch of modernity with its abstract hipster wall layout photography.
There are a few glass shelves that also stand out by giving the chance to the clothes displayed on them to send a clear message to its buyers. The goal behind this relaxing atmosphere is to not overwhelm the customer by displaying hundreds of items and size ranges. The importance is the clear vision the buyer has of the clothes.

Butik is also looking to expand its decorative art display.
Keep in mind that any local artists are welcome to visit the store and present their creative work. 

Please take note that Butik is a firm believer in yoga. Which is why you will get an extra 10% discount on a regular priced items on your next purchase if you present your Enso membership card.

With this said, your next task is to visit this fabulous new trendy store and shop til' you drop.

Les Cours Mont-Royal
455, Peel St. #106
Montreal, QC
H3A 1T5

Monday-Wednesday: 10:00am - 6:30pm
Thursday-Friday: 10:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 5:30pm
Sunday: 12:00pm - 5:30pm

Dress .   Shop .   Love .

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JKal's First Card!

JKal is pleased to present her first business card!

What do you think?

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Study Survival Guide

Ring a bell?

While I was living in cloud nine last week during Fashion Week, I am officially on today. You know the moment when you face your computer screen and just stare at the essay instructions.
Everyone understands me, right?

It's time to get it together.
Who ever said that it's boring to spend a day in your books?
In case you don't have your own survival guide, here is my quick guide before starting the editing of my essay.


1- Eat well.
Make sure you ate and are not too full. You need to ultimately concentrate on what you're doing by not being too full or starved.
If you haven't, snack on some fruit or almonds.

2- Be comfortable
Some like to write and study at coffee shops while others love to be under their throw on blanket.
Stick to whatever makes you work and be happy. 

3- Set yourself a timeline
Write down your deadline. Make sure you see it. It'll make you work twice as hard.

4- Get a "boost"
Some love to sip on tea while others depend on their big coffee mug.
I, on the other hand,just need my Songza tab opened. 

5- Avoid Technology
You know... Facebook, Twitter, iPhone...?!
Number five is more of a challenge.

Think of it this way, you sacrifice small but get big results.

PS- Four more days to the weekend. But who's counting?

Study,  Survive,  Succeed.

                                                                                     JKal -xo

Friday, 8 February 2013

Be Sweet

Hello Montrealers, it's time to be sweet at Marché Bonsecours's "Je t'aime en chocolat" event between Friday, February 8th to Sunday, February 10th.

Save the date and get all your information here.

Eat,  love  & dress.

JKal -xo

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Two Outfits, One Event.- MFW

Another Fashion Week has gone by with  a whole lot' of outstanding shows.

For all information on Montreal's Fashion Week (Designers, Shows, Pictures) jump to this website.

Here are my looks for Day 2 & 3.
Feel free to comment below or on JKal's Facebook page.

Day 2


Dress- Karin Stevens, Bella Boutique (Sherbrooke Street)
Blazer- Sheer Black & Navy, Forever21
Booties- Pointy Leather Wedge, Rudsak
Purse- Mini Hamilton, Michael Kors
Accessories- Silver Marc Jacobs Necklace, Thomas Sabo Bracelet, Le Chateau Silver earrings

I wanted to start off Fashion Week in a classy way. I always need to add a  madame touch to my outfits by giving it a young modern edge. My true love for Fashion remains in the Twenties and Sixties.  

Day 3


Two piece suit- Bedo
Shirt- Sheer blouse from Forever21
Shoes- Suede studded Zara booties
Purse- Chanel
Accessories- Hat: H&M, Vintage Rings, Vintage Gold Necklace with Silver Marc Jacobs Necklace

I can never leave the house without an accessory. I refuse to start off my day without a scarf, hat or jewels. For my second outfit, I got inspired by menswear. Tailored suits are, in my opinion, a comeback. 
What is an outfit without your signature touch?
I wouldn't be able to answer you that one, but can tell you that my hat and booties were my ultimate signature in this outfit.
Let's not forget the Chanel. That one saves the day...any day.

Dress up your love, Be Yourself.

                                                                                   JKal -xo 

Matière Noire - An Unusual Walk, Day3

is what Matière Noire's designer, Cécile Raizonville had in mind for this upcoming Fall/Winter 13 season.

Born in South of France, this particular designer majored in applied arts, industrial design and Fashion design. She may be known as a Montreal designer today, but she marked her territory way before in Barcelona, in 2006, by winning the Lupo Award, Barcelona's Modafad creativity award. Between her few apprenticeships around the globe, she decided to settle for Montreal's artistic ambiance. A year ago, she established her own brand with the inspiration of her lifetime travels, mixed origins and creative energy she know transforms in beautiful clothing lines.

This collection had it all!
From geometric shapes to elegant silhouettes to sportswear inspired pieces. By combining a pure aesthetic within each look, the inspiration came from traditional Amish costumes. The designer transformed the theme by using black and white.
What particularly caught my eye was the application of traditional quilting technique and the geometric shaped and cuts of the garments. Let's not forget that behind every inspiration, the designer must bring out a modern version of it. MN did so by aiming to create a modest, beautiful way of dressing and offering sustainable pieces. I must also add that she succeeded in what I call a "double-vision". I was caught off guard a couple of times when a few models walked down wearing what I thought was a pleated skirt, but was in reality a pair of asymmetric shorts.
This designer definitely marked my Montreal Fashion Week and without knowing, convinced me to attend her next shows in the upcoming seasons.

Let's not forget the particular and original runway setting.
Coming in the room, there were no chairs & no runway per-say.
Once again, the amish inspiration has not only been used in clothing but in scenery as well. From vintage wooden tables to antique kitchen accessories, this was ONE SUCCESSFUL SHOW.

Take a look...

Videos: ©jkvintageaffair

Stay Unique.

                                                                               JKal -xo 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Montreal Fashion Week - Day2: Symbiose by Hinda A. & Nisse

My dearest Fashion followers from all around the world, 

Montreal is currently hosting its 24th Fashion Week at l'Arsenal.
With an arctic wind chill outdoors, the Fall/Winter 2013 edition got off to a bright start at the cavernous Arsenal Montreal Fashion Week gallery. By bright, I mean a whole lot' of colours, colour blocking and texture. 
Let's just say I did not only get the cold chills from the temperature, but also from those fabulous looks that were being walked down the runway.

As a full time Fashion Marketing student, I do not have the chance to attend all the shows but let me tell you that I made the best out the two I've seen at Day 2.

I had the pleasure of attending Symbiose by Hinda A. and Nisse.

Symbiose by Hinda A.

It was the first time I saw this designer showcase her collection in Montreal. She brightened up the entire room by creating colourful pieces from head to toe. By reading her exotic biography beforehand, I was able to understand the use of bright colours in her line. Hinda was born in Tunisia and grew up in France where she had the opportunity to develop her true and impeccable passion: Fashion. She graduated in 2002 from the Montreal Academy of Design and Technology and launched her first line in 2005. According to her biography, a blend of fine living, art and fashion are the inspiration behind Symbiose. 


All photos taken here

In her Fall/Winter'13 collection, Hinda sticked to brights and colour blocking outfits. She kept a feminine touch on all of her pieces including her fitted dresses and use of silk in her two-piece outfits. Her line is made of fluid and natural fabrics that define a woman's silhouette by giving a simple yet chic style at the same time.
Her theme colours were purple, semi-cerrulean/royal blue & pink.
One things is for sure, she wasn't afraid to play around rich colours. I also felt a 70s vibe during the show with the graphics and modern texture in her clothes.
By staying focused (eyes on the runway), I was able to catch a video of the ending. Take a look at the atmosphere Montrealers had.

Videos: ©jkvintageaffair


With a thirty minute interval between both shows, I felt I was brought to another world. I did not feel like thirty minutes have passed by, but another decade. Nisse's collection was totally different than Hinda's colourful show.  Let's start by introducing the designer.

Nisse was launched in 2004 in Istanbul by native Montrealer Nargisse E. Akyuz. The theme behind her clothes scream urban and chic modern poetic appeal. Since December 2011, the ready-to-wear line can be found in the designer's retail location on Montreal's St-Denis Street.


All photos taken here

Two words: Feminine & Classy. These two words can literally define the entire show. I was mesmerized how this designer added a perfect touch of modernity to each piece and made it look wearable for any stylish and independent woman. Let's be honest, we don't usually see ourselves wearing every single outfit that is shown and walked down the runway. Nisse added a touch of men's Fashion and used soft fabrics. From vibrant head-to-toe red to earth tone shades of chocolate, brown, taupe, cream and burnt orange, chic tailoring was seen on every model. 
Once again, take a quick look at the ending:


Videos: ©jkvintageaffair

* * *

What impressed me the most in these two shows (and others) was the dare-devil attitude every designer had. If you pay attention to every designer's Fall/Winter line, you are most likely going to notice different signatures that catch your eye. Whether it is the usage of fabric or colour, they all have a different perception of Fall/Winter 13 rather than sticking to worldwide upcoming trends. To be honest, this is what I love about Montreal. It is so diverse in culture, lifestyle and FASHION that you can create your own affair and be rocking it at the same time.

May you all have a fabulous week.
Enjoy the LAST MFW tomorrow, February 7th.

For more information on Montreal Fashion Week & its shows, click here.

                                                                               JKal -xo 

Monday, 4 February 2013


I believe the picture says it all!

Fashion School is currently taking over the weekdays, which means that I will be attending Fashion Week two out of the four days. 

Stay tuned for JKal's updates from Montreal Fashion Week!
Attend, Watch & Rock your style.

Ps- Don't forget about JKal's giveaway.

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Saturday, 2 February 2013

First Giveaway

JKal’s Vintage Affair is doing its first giveaway.
Get a chance to win one (or two) of the four accessories JKal has picked out for you!

- Marc by Marc Jacobs black/silver Disc Logo stud earrings
- * Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone 4/4S hard logo print case *
- Solid blue/gray Silk Tie
- * Silver Aluminum Hard iPhone 4/4S case with a chrome stand *
There is one simple step to get your hands on one of these items:
Bring as many Likes to the community as you can.

Make sure that the people you invite contact JKal in a private message on Faceboo and write your name as a contact. The person who brings JKal the most Likes, WINS!

If you bring 1-15 new Likes, you will win the first item listed under Women or Men.
If you bring over 15 Likes, you will win both items under Women or Men.
Remember, who ever you contact must message JKal & have your name mentioned (mandatory).

The Giveaway expires Saturday, February 9th 2013. The winner will be announced Sunday, February 10th 2013.

On your marks,  get set,  SPREAD THE LOVE.

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Friday, 1 February 2013

Smile for the Camera

Smile for the camera , it's Friday & February!

                                                                                 JKal -xo