Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sarah Pacini presents SS13 at "Les Cours Mont-Royal" in Montreal

Hello readers,

Last week, I was invited by fabulous people to attend a private cocktail event by Sarah Pacini held at "Les Cours Mont-Royal" in Montreal. Its base clientele was invited to an early preview of the SS13 line. Twenty years in the making, Sarah Pacini continues to capture women's attention with its innovative and distinctive style. 

Ever since its foundation in 1989, the company had a philosophy that clothing should reflect the soul with a unique blend of knitwear, weaves and colours. Any garment from Sarah Pacini can easily be combined with other pieces or strictly worn alone. 

As I was glancing through the new collection, I realized that I entered into a world of minimalism that managed to make a statement through its clothes. The "drapy" summer collection was filled with neutral colours blent into a vibrant red.
The collection included head-to-toe pieces, including a variety of accessories. Sarah Pacini's collection always include a unique blend of knitwear,  prêt-à-porter and accessories. It is an evolving ode to femininity, body and soul.

The atmosphere at the store was very moving because of its loyal and charismatic shoppers. The event included catering service, models walking around in the latest collection and impeccable service from the sales associates. The store ambiance reflected the collection through its modern and soft decor that included bold furniture, orchid flowers and simple layout.

To my belief, I definitely saw the European flare being well presented and projected through the entire brand.

“I want everyone to wear what they want and mix it in their own way. That, to me, is what is modern.” 
-Karl Lagerfeld



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