Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Summer Height

Hello ladies,

 Regardless of these past couple of humid rainy days, summer pretty much started walking down its runway of sunny days. There's just something about this season that makes you want to dive into an endless closet, picking a dress, fedora hat and a few bangles. Tell me one thing: What's a summer outfit without complementary summer heels? Before you & I answer that, I have a confession to make. 
I've somehow shopped with my mind parked on cloud nine and managed to purchase a total of four new summer pairs in (here's the confession)...four days. I'm sure nearly 100% of you ladies won't see this as a negative purchase or compulsory action. Nevertheless, I believe that a heel can change your entire look. Manolo Blahnik once said: "You put on high heels and you change.", which in my opinion is true. Give a woman the right pair of heels and she'll be able to conquer the world regardless of her hidden pain. Find the right pair of heels and you'll find the right outfit to wear with them.

Here are my current favorite heels that lay in my closet and are impatiently waiting to be worn:


Make sure to find a somewhat comfortable pair that you are certain you can walk in. Forgive me but there is nothing worse than to see a woman suffering every half meter of her walk. If you can't pull off three-four inches in a classy and subtle way, stick to a smaller heel. 


Unlike Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, who chased men, taxis, and sometimes a dog in the park in her six-inch stilettos (and still managed to look glamorously sexy), sporting high heels in real life can be a killer. But believe it or not, most women love their heels so much that in spite of the many problems that plague their feet, they refuse to give up on their stilettos, even if it causes them discomfort! Since you'll be investing an "x" amount of money in your next pair, make sure to pick the right size, fit, height and style.


 Here are, in my opinion, a few categories of summer heels that would be great to own for this summer:

★ Add a wedge
These are a perfect complement to denims or any pair of pants. The good thing about a wedge is that you somewhat have more stability. You can play around with this pair. You can go strappy as you can hit an open-toe. You can also play around with prints and color and best of all, height (easier to deal with when your heel is proportionate throughout the entire shoe).


Get an open-toe

Some of you may be more comfortable with all-year long pumps. Make a small switch during summer and try to find yourself a perfect pair of open-toe heels. It'll add a summer touch to your outfit without escaping your comfort zone.

Christian Louboutin Espadrilles

Add some color 

It's not the time to hold on to your black heels! Cheer the outfit up with some color and prints. Don't over exagerate though, as you must keep your outfit neutral if you plan on adding color to your feet.

★ Stay neutral

Tones of beige have always been in great alliance with summer. Although this color remains to be seen very much on the street style market, add a touch to your outfit with other accessories such as jewels or a great complimentary clutch.

 Christian Louboutin

★ Strap on some strappy sandals

Strappy heels are currently summer's hit. It adds an unbelievable and subtle feminine touch to any outfit and revolves around a mixture of elegance and mystery. In my opinion, this kind of shoe also gives great balance to your legs.

Dress. Love & Rock your walk. 



  1. These are such stunning pairs of shoes, love the blue and turquoise one.

  2. Muy bonitos!!

  3. Lovely shoes!

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  5. How adorable,babe!!

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  8. These are hot! Especially the 1st pair. <3

  9. The dog day is coming,pls keep your passion and release you energy,buy a good bootcut jeans and dressing up yourself!

  10. The dog day is coming,pls keep your passion and release you energy,buy a good bootcut jeans and dressing up yourself!