Monday, 13 May 2013

What kind of jeans will you wear?

Hello all,

It's the NATIONAL DENIM DAY tomorrow!

Let's support this amazing foundation by wearing denims that appropriately fit us! Let's find the perfect jeans for you by folllowing the denim guide...

1. Boot cut jeans

While a lot of women don't like them, a good boot cut jean looks the best on the widest variety of female forms, particularly when the proper "rise" is also chosen. Boot cut jeans generally skim or slightly hug the hips and the thighs, flaring slightly at the foot. They are not as relaxed in cut as flare cut jeans and they are not as wide at the bottom as bell-bottoms. Women of all ages, sizes, and shapes can wear this cut. It simply becomes a matter of finding the right rise and design.


2. Classic cut jeans

Classic cut jeans have a high waist and usually either bulge unattractively or pinch across the hips, neither of which is a good look. To add insult to injury, they then taper down the leg, effectively drawing attention upward to the mid-section, which is often undesirable. Unfortunately, most women are familiar with the classic cut and it is the one that many gravitate towards. Known best today as the "mom" jean, the fact that the classic cut continues to exist is a question that no one can seem to answer. However, until women stop buying and wearing them we have to leave them on the list, which is really sad.


3. Flare jeans

Flare jeans are an updated version of the old 70's bell-bottom, but they are distinctly different. Bell-bottoms usually hugged the hip and thigh and then flare widely at the foot. Flare jeans, on the other hand, tend to flare out down the entire length of the leg, sometimes growing even larger as it reaches the foot. This cut may work for tall, statuesque women with perfect figures but it certainly isn't recommended for anyone who is more petite. It cuts the leg significantly, actually making a woman look shorter rather than taller. Many of today's so-called "trouser" cut jeans are actually a mild variation of the flare. 


4. Straight cut jeans

The straight cut jean is self-explanatory. The cut is straight from the bottom of the hip down to the foot. This cut does the best job of elongating a woman's leg. It is a perfect choice for petite women and for any other woman who wants to appear taller. While extremely tall women may shy away from this jean cut, I don't because I'm of the belief that a woman's legs can never be too long. This cut is good for women of almost any shape or size.

5. Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans become all the rage in fashion every once in awhile and a lot of women yearn to own them. The problem is that this cut simply isn't made for every woman's figure. Skinny jeans hug every curve from the hip down the top of the thigh all the way to the ankle. Women with perfect legs should most certainly give them a try - they haven't got anything to lose. And if one happens to be both tall and thin, then she will have the best of all worlds going for her. Unfortunately, few women are perfectly constructed. Many of us tend to carry weight right where we don't want it, in our hips, thighs and calves. Having something plastered against those flaws, displaying them for the world, to see is hardly what we want.

If you are "..." What will best suit you is "..."


  • Trouser cuts - especially if the have funky flap pockets or welt pockets in back. Clean front styles are probably best, and a great wide leg will balance things out. Bonus if you can find some with a side zip.
  • Either a slightly high or very low rise, depending on how you feel about your tummy. Higher rises will hold things in, but if you're a slender Apple, a super-low rise will add curves to your butt and add length to your short waist.
  • Skinnies - especially with a flowy peasant top.
  • Crops, as long as the weather cooperates - your long and thin legs should be shown off! (Just keep them slim in fit, like a cigarette leg, and avoid the sloppier "boyfriend" style)


  • High rises - they'll do double duty in balancing out your figure, both lengthening your legs and covering your behind!
  • Cuts that run small in the waist compared to the fit of the hips and thighs - nobody likes a gap waist. (Luckily, your stretched-out torso and more heart-shaped behind make your waist measurement slightly more proportionate to your hips than those of your Bell friends)
  • Trouser cuts - as long as they don't have those annoying angled slash pockets in front, which don't get along with our thunder thighs. (Actually, you could probably just stitch down those pockets and avoid the problem.) Clean front trousers are best. There's a reason Ruth started calling me Trouserchica!
  • Wider legs in general - bootcuts, flares, etc. Straights are about as narrow as you should go, and skinnies should be reserved for boot-stuffing only (nor will our calves ever fit into skinny jeans--straights look like skinnies on me!)
  • Thicker, stretch denim will make your life easier.
  • Large pockets - preferably without too much detail, if you'd like to minimize your butt. You could always draw attention to your best asset (ha) with some pocket bling, though.

Hourglass Shaped

  • A moderate rise - too low and your belly may be emphasized; too high, and we'll all be looking at your..."eyes"
  • Not too much detail around the upper front of the jeans - front patch pockets may draw the eye to the belly
  • Most leg cuts will flatter you, but super flares may swallow you up, since your legs aren't particularly long. Pair wide legs with heels.

The Straight & not gain a single lbs?

  • Long inseams
  • Skinny cuts (but be careful of length, since skinnies will often run short). These will add curves and balance out your shoulders.
  • A wide flare can also work, as long as they are fitted above the knees--too baggy all over and you might find well-meaning townspeople trying to offer you a sandwich.
  • Interesting details, pocket embellishments, fun washes, etc - almost anything goes!
  • A low rise, which will add curves to your butt and tone down the length of your legs.

 Overall, denims are as handy as they'll ever be as they can be dressed up or down. Never judge a pair of jeans when it's still hanging by its solemnly self on the rack. Give it a chance and try it on. Once you find your perfect fit, you can rock your style with great poise and proudly secure them in your closet!

How will you rock your denims tomorrow?




  1. This is really helpful. Even though i'm hour glass i can't live without skinny jeans,ahh :)

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    1. I agree with you, skinnies are the all time classics of this " new era jean closet" -xo

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