Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A Mom's Special Day

Hello dears,

Mother's Day is approaching, which means you must think of the cutest ways to make her smile. Whether you live with your mother or you flew away from the nest, we all know to a degree what our mothers want, need, or should have.  Many of us always get the same response from our mothers: "I would feel guilty if you get me something too expensive." "Your love is more than enough." To name a few...
 When it comes time to shop for my mom, I think about sweet little things rather than overdoing it with extravagant gifts. I've come to learn that she appreciates toughtful things vs. typical gifts.

So I asked myself; what are some things that are affordable, show that you care, and she should definitely have? Well, clothes do not expire and you can take this opportunity to conspicuously "style" your mother while keeping her look within her taste. Kind of like a rendezvous between "her style + today's trends."  If you don't feel comfortable enough to style her, or she is just like most of us and would rather get her own clothes, then these following options are a great way to fill a basket with a touch of endless love...

I often love to put my attention on crafting the gift rather than picking the perfect gift. Hence why a small basket would be such a cute idea. You can always pick one of these gift ideas featured above and accompany them with a few little goodies and pack them up nicely in a small basket, bag or whatever your creative self comes up with.

1. Unusual Flowers
Each flower is significant in its own way. Research the message you want to give your mother and portray it in a blossom!
2. Find her a scent
Being a mother is a full-time job. Make her relax at the end of her hectic days.
3. Customize a mug
Make her think of you in the cutest way possible. Make a custom-made mug that she will forever keep her and her coffee warm.
4. Go on a date
Spend some time with your mom and catch up on old times. Movie tickets will make you both giggle, enjoy your time together and munch of junk foods that aren't really allowed in the house...Cheating is permitted at the theater.
5. Sip on mimosas & head out to brunch
Take her out for a late breakfast. It's just another one of those occasions you can sip on mimosas and eat delicious goodies.
6. Accessorize her
A woman will always stay a woman, regardless of her age, status or lifestyle. A handbag never failed a woman.
7. Give her a cute makeover
 Makeup always comes in handy. Take her out for a makeup session and buy her the makeup she instantly fell in love with. 
8. Show her what she is to you
Pearls are precious. & so is a mother...

Make sure to always keep a special relationship between you and your mother as it is a sacred one that can never be replaced. Enjoy Mother's Day by her side and make it last forever...

Happy [early] Mother's Day to all mom's out there.


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