Monday, 24 June 2013

Fashion on the run

Did you ever think running shoes can possibly strike off as an additional fashionable item to your closet? Up until a few weeks ago, I was not a fan of this particular footwear disguise until I found the ONES. Little did I know, there is a particular shape of runners dedicated to specific activities such as running, walking training, to name a few.

Before I start sharing with you my runner-shoppping experience, I'd like to emphasize on the main activity (without counting the shopping cardio): RUNNING.

I was always afraid of running and training outdoors. Girls, seriously, I ask you to gather around this last sentence and agree with me. My mind set on this particular exercise quickly changed as my best friends and I decided to start doing things we disliked and find pleasure in it.


I was going to try to start jogging outdoors but there was no way I was going to use my heavy old Nike runners that I miserably dragged on the elleptical machine each and every time I had to make use of them.
One of my best friends talked to me about one of the smartest purchases she has made in a while and believe it or not, that particular purchase was running shoes. If you are looking to invest in a pair, you're probably telling yourself to might as well splurge in a well-known brand such as Nike, Adidas, etc. I thought so too...until I went to visit Sketchers. As I walked in, I was surrounded by hundreds of colorful pairs that were just starring at me waiting to be tried on and possibly purchased. May I add that colorful running shoes are hitting a pretty nice spot in current fashion trends. (Why wouldn't you add some life to your workouts, right?)

It is important to know what you will use your pair for. I for instance, explained to the sales associate that I wish to use my shoes for casual runs, distant walks and workouts. I was then presented to the "Flexi" shoe that has a memory foam (great for walks and runs) stitched inside and falls right under your entire foot. The weight of this pair is undescribable as you will not find a lighter pair in to run in. As I tried the pair, I instantly said "they are mine".

For those of you who workout or take time to go for long walks, make a long-lasting investment in running shoes as you do not want to have an uncomfortable session each time you decide to go for a workout.
Remember, you decide your own Fashion. Go rock those runners!

Dress. Love & Run Fashion.


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