Wednesday, 1 May 2013

How to juggle your twenty4 hours: Work - Studies & Social Life

Happy Month of May!

Ever wished there were 34 hours in a day? Or better yet, an extra day added to the week? Let me be precise: an extra weekend day?
Aside from the typical daydreams we all tend to dive into, there is an effective tool to daily survival: ORGANIZATION.
The best example I can possibly use is myself. My daily planner book and to-do lists haven't been bored yet in 2013. Ever since the year started, I have been running all over the place. After dedicating my free time to my blog, I have decided to venture back into the world of full-time studies. Up until last week, I have been juggling endless amounts of essays, blogged on JKal's Vintage Affair and spent the remaining of my time with my loved ones.

  Last week, I decided to challenge myself even more.Why not work full-time? Who ever said one cannot succeed in a new career field AND rock A+'s? Given the fact that I am a Fashion Marketing student, I obviously went to hunt down a position that is relevant to my passion and studies. I've recently joined a fabulous team of young professionals in the clothing industry as an Overseas Fashion Coordinator. Let me tell you, I'll be walking on a busy path.

How do I do it? Here are a few tips...

Eat. Sleep & Stay Active

Put it this way: you won't function unless you've slept a minimum of 7 hours. Eat breakfast when you wake up, it's the worse meal to skip. If I have no time for workouts, I make sure I catch up on exercise with a minimum thirthy minute walk (lucky you if you move around all day long). When you're out running errands or running home late, avoid snacking on junk foods. Those will just make you hungrier. Always make sure to drink a lot of water. I'm also a big tea fan (helps you concentrate and gives you an energy boost).

Day VS Night

 I catch up on emails, books and to-do lists on my way to work in the morning (public transport is positive, for once). Since my daytime schedule is dedicated to work, I use lunch breaks to walk or read. Wonder when I have time to socialize during the week? I attend coffee dates on martini dates the nights I don't have class. When I'm stuck with my Mac at night, I take the opportunity to continue school work when class is over (which permits me to advance with my fashion workload). I'll often make myself a cup of tea 30-60 mins before bed time and catch up on some blogging and seek for new photos my eyes have stumbled upon.

Write & Read ahead of time

Carry a daily planner on you & keep track of your tasks. Start your homework 5-7 days before the due date. I often write quick drafts a week prior to the final date and try working on it every day. If you have a hectic schedule, there is no way you will manage everything 24 hours before. The earlier you start, the faster you'll finish.


I avoid working on weekends. If I'm stuck doing school work, I'll leave it for Sunday nights. Enjoy your weekends. Go out. Catch up with friends. Eat. Sleep. Shop. You get the drill...

*  *  *

Overall, the best advice I can give you is to find your own rhythm.
Plan ahead, work in advance and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stressing over things that will only last a certain amount of time will not bring you to successful conclusions. The way I survive my seven days is by splitting everything. Don't ever build a wall around you and seclude yourself in your busy bubble. Let people in. Seek for help and guidance and don't forget to socialize with your surroundings.

  Life is a Fashion Show & the World is your Runway... 


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