Wednesday, 3 July 2013

'Gramming in June

Hello Vintage readers,

Take a picture, choose a filter to transform its look and post it on Instagram! Many of you smartphone owners are probably avid users of this application given the fact that it is a quick and fun way to share your best moments with your followers.

Recently, Instagram has become as popular as Facebook. Pictures are uploaded on it before even appearing on the mobile device album on Facebook. You can share your photos on Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter and insert hash tags in the caption field that will appear on your links. It's a quick way to connect through photography's lifestyle: like-comment & browse away.

Here are a few of my favourite Instagram moments from June. From culinary to Fashion delights, I sure enjoyed the beginning of my summer: wine & dining at new restaurants, exploring new places and expanding the summer wardrobe.

 Favorite Cheating Snack:

 Favorite moment of relaxation:

 Favorite new bite:

 Favorite painful accessory:

 Favorite print:

 Favorite arm candy party:

 Favorite happy hour:

 Favorite surprise:

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Dress. Love & Snap Shot.


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