Thursday, 18 July 2013

The B Word

Hello readers,

once upon a time, there were young adolescents who turned into young adults... Between the transition came a part/full-time job and a fascination for clothes, outings, etc... Then the time came to set a BUDGET.
Setting yourself a budget in your 20's is pretty hard; you want the latest clothes from your favorite stores, hit the trendiest lounges and bistros in the old town, pay your bills, travel and transfer half of your paycheck in your savings account...All at the same time. It's doable....Right?
Not without a budget...

 In order to properly survive, following is a list of my personal tips in order to avoid any kind of financial mid 20 crash:

 ★ Avoid your credit card // Carry money

Set yourself a weekly monetary budget and avoid your credit card. Or better yet, don't carry it with you! When you get your paycheck, assign an "x" amount of money to spend and let that be your ultimate limit.

★ Split your bills

Don't wait until the end of the month to pay all of your bills. Give yourself assigned bills for each pay and get it over with! This way you'll be left with a set amount of money in order to plan the rest out.

★ Leave some for fun

Let's be honest. We can't deprive ourselves from absolutely everything even though we're running on a budget. Give yourself a fixed amount to spend on pleasure: shopping, spontaneous road trip, etc.

★ Automatic cut

If you can't control what goes in and out of your account, get an automatic bi-weekly transfer from your bank into a hidden savings account. This way, you won't have access to a certain amount of money (of your choice) but will have a growing account!

★ Open several accounts

If you're a visual person and have plans set out for yourself for the next year or so, split your events in bank accounts. Open a travel account, savings account, house account, car account, etc.
Tip: The fact that all accounts will be separated, the amount will be smaller in each, which means you'll only want to see the account grow bigger- it'll force you to keep adding to it...:) Right?

Enjoy the little things in life & you'll eventually get bigger results.