Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Summer Must Do's

Hello readers & HAPPY SUMMER,

here are a few of my summer must-do's in order to call it a fun season!

1- Take a spontaneous road trip

Whether it's to go visit relatives or friends or hop in a car and head "nowhere" with your beau, take a ride down fun lane & follow the road.
2- Buy a colorful piece

Add a touch of summer in your wardrobe with an unforgettable purchase you've made at some point during your summer.
3- Try a new refreshing cocktail

Avoid your usual. Try something new. Fruity cocktails often hit the spot during the big heat wave!
4- Venture in summer activities

Try something you obviously can't do throughout the entire year.
5- Give yourself a challenge

Whatever you decide, whether it's a monetary, dietary or personal goal, you will feel like you've accomplished more than you thought at the end of the season! Try it.
6- Enjoy the taste VS Fill a plate

Try out new restaurants and relax on the terraces. It's time to enjoy culinary dishes. Instead of focusing on the amount you are getting on your plate, focus on the new taste that you'll be experiencing. It's summer! Pick 2-3 appetizers VS a full plate of one dish. Bon Appetit!

7- Embellish your up do's

Get creative with your hair! 

* * *
Summer is the best time of the year to let go and enjoy yourself. As much as you enjoy the bright and early mornings and late nights, don't forget to spend time with yourself and keep track of priorities, duties and responsibilities. Overall, take this season as an eye-opener: the mid-year is round around the corner. Are you accomplishing everything you had set for yourself in 2013 so far?
It's never too late for new goals and new opportunities.
Dress. Love & Enjoy Summer

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