Monday, 11 February 2013

Study Survival Guide

Ring a bell?

While I was living in cloud nine last week during Fashion Week, I am officially on today. You know the moment when you face your computer screen and just stare at the essay instructions.
Everyone understands me, right?

It's time to get it together.
Who ever said that it's boring to spend a day in your books?
In case you don't have your own survival guide, here is my quick guide before starting the editing of my essay.


1- Eat well.
Make sure you ate and are not too full. You need to ultimately concentrate on what you're doing by not being too full or starved.
If you haven't, snack on some fruit or almonds.

2- Be comfortable
Some like to write and study at coffee shops while others love to be under their throw on blanket.
Stick to whatever makes you work and be happy. 

3- Set yourself a timeline
Write down your deadline. Make sure you see it. It'll make you work twice as hard.

4- Get a "boost"
Some love to sip on tea while others depend on their big coffee mug.
I, on the other hand,just need my Songza tab opened. 

5- Avoid Technology
You know... Facebook, Twitter, iPhone...?!
Number five is more of a challenge.

Think of it this way, you sacrifice small but get big results.

PS- Four more days to the weekend. But who's counting?

Study,  Survive,  Succeed.

                                                                                     JKal -xo

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