Thursday, 7 February 2013

Matière Noire - An Unusual Walk, Day3

is what Matière Noire's designer, Cécile Raizonville had in mind for this upcoming Fall/Winter 13 season.

Born in South of France, this particular designer majored in applied arts, industrial design and Fashion design. She may be known as a Montreal designer today, but she marked her territory way before in Barcelona, in 2006, by winning the Lupo Award, Barcelona's Modafad creativity award. Between her few apprenticeships around the globe, she decided to settle for Montreal's artistic ambiance. A year ago, she established her own brand with the inspiration of her lifetime travels, mixed origins and creative energy she know transforms in beautiful clothing lines.

This collection had it all!
From geometric shapes to elegant silhouettes to sportswear inspired pieces. By combining a pure aesthetic within each look, the inspiration came from traditional Amish costumes. The designer transformed the theme by using black and white.
What particularly caught my eye was the application of traditional quilting technique and the geometric shaped and cuts of the garments. Let's not forget that behind every inspiration, the designer must bring out a modern version of it. MN did so by aiming to create a modest, beautiful way of dressing and offering sustainable pieces. I must also add that she succeeded in what I call a "double-vision". I was caught off guard a couple of times when a few models walked down wearing what I thought was a pleated skirt, but was in reality a pair of asymmetric shorts.
This designer definitely marked my Montreal Fashion Week and without knowing, convinced me to attend her next shows in the upcoming seasons.

Let's not forget the particular and original runway setting.
Coming in the room, there were no chairs & no runway per-say.
Once again, the amish inspiration has not only been used in clothing but in scenery as well. From vintage wooden tables to antique kitchen accessories, this was ONE SUCCESSFUL SHOW.

Take a look...

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Stay Unique.

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