Thursday, 24 January 2013

Winter 101- Survival Guide

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As you all noticed, unless you have been procrastinating at home for the past few days, this weather is unbearable. 

I previously wrote an article on winter accessories under Chilly White but can't seem to emphasize enough on how important it is to survive the cold appropriately. If you wish to read on the must-have winter accessories, take a look at it again.

When the cold weather hits it is not just important to dress well but to also take care of yourself with good nutrition and handy accessories that will avoid you to constantly take your gloves off. You might also consider certain beauty products that will prevent your skin from getting dryer.
Yikes !!! Hope you all have your pj's on!!

Here are my basic/handy accessories & ideas to keep in mind when the cold weather hits us hard!

1- Good sized handbag

Look for a durable, waterproof and well made bag to carry your other essentials around in the winter that can easily be wiped down if the muddy slush happens to get on it. Try to have enough space so your books can fit (for those in school) &/or your tools for work! Let's be honest, we already need to worry about covering ourselves from head to toe. Who wants to start carrying "x" amount of bags on them?

2- Earmuffs
Let's face it- hats aren't always handy, especially when we just spent fifteen minutes trying to make our ballerina bun. This is the most practical yet subtle winter accessory one can wear. Make use of it!
3- Ski socks

This is the best "camouflage" accessory that you can wear to battle the cold weather. 
I'll be honest, I don't always want to wear my heavy winter boots: that is when the socks come to the rescue! They will keep my feet warm even though my tall boots won't.

4- Warm woollen, cashmere, sweaters, cardigans, tees.

Wearing tight clothing and footgear restricts blood circulation...Results in?-->cold injury
Try to always wear a few lightweight layers.  It's proven that several layers are better than one thick layer due to the dead-air space between the layers. By having dead-air space, it provides extra insulation. In addition, let's not forget that we can take a few layers off to prevent sweating and to always add them back on to increase warmth.

5- Moisturizer

Try to moisturize your face two-three times a day. With the cold weather, your skin can get dryer more easily. Before you stick to your one and only moisturizer,make sure it is suitable for your face. Are you a combination? Dry skin? Oily skin? Checkmark the option that fits best for you & make the well-invested purchase.

6- Conditioner

Your hair is as important as your face in the winter time. Believe it or not, your hair gets dry the same way your lips and face can. Sadly, it's all part of the below zero degrees. A great seasonal cure for this issue is to use a conditioner. In my opinion, it is worth to spend the extra eight dollars on your hair a month for a luscious result. (Aveeno saved me)

6- Body Scrub

Give your skin an extra softness by using a natural body scrub. Let's try to escape the bad thoughts on cold.

6- Lip Balm

I cannot emphasize enough on lip balm. It is important to moisturize your lips every day ( a few times a day). Drink a lot of water to prevent your lips from getting dry.
Ps- This message is for men too!

7- Earphones

Sounds crazy, right? Just think how efficient this accessory is when you're walking on cold streets and want to make an important phone call. 

8- Essential foods to consume

Here are some important that can boost your metabolism and give your body enough energy to survive the cold weather:

Pomegranate seeds- great for your blood and fight inflammation.

Kiwi- immune system booster with high vitamin C. Tip: add some slices in your spinach salad.

Guava- prevents coronary artery disease. Tip: if you don't like it raw, combine it with some blue cheese and figs as a snack.

Brussels Sprouts- trim stems and remove outer layer. Mix it with some olive oil and a little sea salt & off to the 425 degree F. oven they go!


PS- Never forget your greens such as spinach- kale- and green salad! Make some space for some avocado as well!

Never forget to take care of yourself!!

                                                                                JKal -xo 

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