Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Eyes on the Runway

Dearest Fashion followers, 

wait a second. I take that back.
We do follow Fashion but let me rephrase this properly in order to perfectly word myself for the appropriate ambiance.
To Fashion lovers, to those who see Fashion as something beyond the rack & tags, I would love to keep you posted on the following:

As many of us know, Montreal Fashion Week is just a few weeks away.
(February 4 - 7)
Make sure to purchase your tickets here in the next couple of weeks if you want to be the first to see what this city has to offer us for it's most beautiful season: Fall.

As for your attendance attire,  the event itself should help you figure that out.
There are no rules or limits during those four fashionable days!

Everyday is a Fashion Show & the world is your Runway.

Photo taken here

JKal -xo

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