Sunday, 17 March 2013

Measure - Shop - Purchase

Many of us are running around everywhere these days, trying to catch up on our latest school work, attending work meetings, catching up with some old 'gals & scheduling important appointments that just cannot be missed. Between those, we don't even have time to order the double espresso we've been craving...much less SHOP!

Let me know if you can relate...
I'm a full-time student that is trying to juggle piles of papers and word counts, grow in the networking industry and catch up with my loved ones on a regular basis. As wise people once said, "You can't buy love and happiness", which is why I put those first.

On another note, I take advantage of my "solo time" to catch up on some reading, blogging and...ONLINE SHOPPING. Don't have time to shop? Easy, grab your card & your portable gadget and start triple w-ing.

Things you need for your online splurge:

1- Your laptop 
(I think that's pretty obvious) 

     2- A measuring tape 
(If this is your first time shopping online, you need to get to know yourself. Online sizes can be tricky, especially when you don't know the brand)  
     3- A notebook + a pen 
(Write down your measures and possibly your shopping list)

I often love to shop on websites that offer a wide variety of clothing and accessories and that are usually available in the city (make it worth the online experience).

* * *

For instance, ASOS offers hundreds of items at a reasonable price range and ship you the goods without charging tax and shipping fees! It usually takes 1-2 weeks for the goods to arrive!
Hey, what more do you want?

Brands such as Anthropologie Aritzia are not fully established in Montreal yet, which is why it comes in handy buying their pieces online. You can also pick online stores such as Shopbop & Beyond the Rack and fill your closet with great designer deals.

Don't be afraid to sign up and shop on Ebay as you can still find authentic goods at amazing prices.
There are a few dozen websites I stay loyal to and truly get the ultimate shopping experience starting at the choice to the arrival of the item at my door. 

Did I mention that all of this can be done under you warm bed sheets and cup of tea by your side? 
...It is why I call this the time-money-saviour spree.
Before it all, you must make the right choice of sizes as it becomes complicated to constantly return your goods.

How to pick your size

1- Bust
Measure under your arms at the fullest part of your chest.

2- Waist
Measure around your natural waist by always keeping the measure a little loose.

3- Hips
Measure approximately 7 inches below your waist.

Keep in that that you must always keep your measuring tape a little loose. Remember that certain fabrics such a cotton shrink, so you can always buy a size bigger and style it up the way you want. If you are loyal to one store, look at your previous items that you've owned from it and compare fabrics and sizes. You can also follow the instructions the website you are shopping on offers you.

Here are a few sizing charts for different pieces.

A top



A Dress


Welcome to the world of E-Commerce.

E - Measure   *   E - Shop   *   E - Purchase

                                                                                JKal -xo


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