Saturday, 9 March 2013

A day at Laura Aline

A few weeks ago, I was approached by Laura Aline 's manager, asking me if I would like to come by and cover an article on this fabulous jewelry store. I had the honour of meeting  Laura Aline 's team and talk about gems, pearls and all sorts of other shines for an entire afternoon.
Laura Aline is recognized as the largest pearl specialty retailer in Canada.

Its history dates back of four generations. This mother-daughter team has acquired pearls of wisdom and expertise in their mutually exclusive field. Aline has over 30 years experience in the industry with many of her creations sold all through North America. Laura 's keen business sense coupled with her unique trendy and modern designs has given all stones a new meaning. Furthermore, she pursued a degree in gemmology and is looking forward to eventually becoming a certified gemologist. Other members of the family also help out in the growth of every seasonal collection.

Laura (Owner) - Melisa (Manager) & Aline (Owner)

Laura Aline is located on 2017 Mountain Street in the heart of downtown Montreal. It will celebrate its three year anniversary in November 2013. The warmth of this store welcomes you with great jewels and service. This jewelry store is decorated like no other. The two owners have put as much emphasis in the decoration as their collection. To my belief, there is a mystic baroque inspiration behind it all with a touch of modernness. This definitely brought great inspiration to their pieces. Between classical paintings and breathtaking furniture lay hundreds of beautiful and unique pieces . . .  

The Laura Aline  boutique represents Montreal's glamour and upbeat trends. They have no specific market for their line. They want every client to feel special and to be able to find their personalized touch in a piece they find that they can truly relate themselves to. Laura Aline   perceives pearls as essentials to the wardrobe just like the little black dress we all have hanging in our closet. I truly do believe that this precious little touch of accessory can be worn at any age. It is a matter of knowing how to wear it. 

This gem of a boutique has given a whole new meaning and perception to pearls and their wonderful designs.  The team features collections from the South Seas, Australia, Tahiti, Japan and China, varying in all shapes, colours, size and budget, depending on the piece of course.

To add edge and an exotic touch to their pieces, they use diamonds, precious stones, semi-precious stones, gold, silver and platinum. The two owners will remodel and redesign any piece of jewelry a woman or a man brings them. They encourage customers to dig in their old jewelry box and give those "lost & found" pieces a new meaning of life.  Who would have thought that revamping your jewels can be just as exciting than purchasing new ones?
They also accept clients to bring in inspirational jewelry photography as they can play around and come up with a similar style.

Let me introduce to you these fabulous go-to bracelets:
Blue Bracelet: Blue Kyanite, ruby rondel
Pink Bracelet: Pink Rhodonite, green peridot oval bead
Purple Bracelet: Purple Charoite, multi-coloured tourmaline, champagne coloured diamonds.
These beads can be worn any way. Whether you pile them up or style them solo, they will definitely cheer up the look.

When I first saw their bracelet line, I couldn't help myself but tell the owners how exquisite and unique they are. The first bracelet seen on the top of the second picture above is a combination of baroque Freshwater pearls and champagne coloured diamonds. The one on the left is a combination of baroque Freshwater pearls, baroque South Sea pearls, baroque Tahitian pearls and champagne coloured diamonds. The last one on the bottom right is a mixture of baroque Freshwater pearls and champagne coloured diamonds.

Laura  and Aline have quite the signature bracelet line among many other styles they design on a regular basis. Their pieces vary between the usage of Fresh Water pearls, Salt Water pearls, Tahitian pearls, diamonds, sapphire, to name a few. 

The image below is part of their men's line that carries black diamonds, spinel stones, leather and horn.
(PS- Jewelry stores are not only for women, as many of you might think it is.)

* * *

The top earrings on the left side are South Sea pendant pearls set on blue sapphires, diamonds and 10k white gold. Beside them are chalcedony earrings that are embellished with champagne coloured diamonds set on oxidized sterling silver. These beauties can definitely be worn upon great creativity and style. Accessorizing an outfit for a specific event or adding them to your daytime look will emphasize your confident style even more.

 This outstanding ring below is a combination of sapphires and diamonds, set on 18k white gold. It automatically caught my eye due to its colour mixtures and size.

Prices may vary depending on the stones used and its size. Laura Aline  doesn't give a determined price range due to the different clientele that purchases their goods. 

As mentioned before, Laura Aline 's pieces were showcased in many different places in Montreal. From local newspapers to the Museum of Fine Arts and fashion shows, the company has definitely marked its territory with its defined timeless collection. It also advertises its line in the Ritz-Carlton magazine.

To know more about Laura Aline you can find them on FacebookTwitterPinterest & their own personalized website.

Opening Hours:

Monday-Wednesday: 10:30am - 5:30pm
Thursday-Friday: 10:30am - 7:30pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday: Closed

Stay tuned for Laura Aline  articles as I will eventually go more in depth with their upcoming collections. 

Dress.  Love. & Accessorize

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