Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The acceptance of White in Winter

Ever heard of the "No white pants" Rule during the winter time?
We ought to stick to that, but we need to greet this colour elsewhere during the season: THE HOLIDAYS! I'm sure you can't miss it when you see the first snow fall of the year or when you decorate the house with Christmas ornaments.
You know what they say..."It's the most wonderful time of the year"...

I will admit something though: I'm a Fall gal'. But there's just something about Winter... Everything suddenly seems so comfortable, cheerful & peaceful during the Holidays. Let's take the storms and traffic in the malls out of the equation.

I did mention comfort. But let's not forget that we obviously must attend cocktail events and Holiday parties in those sparkly dresses.

I especially love those thick knits you wear around the house or at coffee shops while you sip on the seasonal latte.
Tip: Everyone should own a warm knitted sweater & scarf.

I am sure that most of you hate dealing with the " Heavy Winter Look". Trust me, we can't always be dolled up. It's a task for us Montrealers that live here ( & for others that also have snow in their cities) to style up a look with barely any inspiration, thanks to the weather we get. 

Ever deal with...

" Urgh, I want to wear my new shirt...IT'S TOO COLD!!"
"My winter boots don't match the outfit."
"It's so BORING!"

I can go on, but I believe you get the drill.
Trust me, you're not the only one. 
We obviously can't have an endless wardrobe that can help our 911 situation on a daily basis, but here are some tips I will suggest..

I always love to have one colourful item that takes part of my outfit. It brings life to the outfit without having to necessarily put big effort in the actual piece.
Ideas? : Oxblood- Burnt Orange- Primrose Yellow- Cerulean-Deep Teal- Royal Blue- Eggplant (Top FW' colours)

Attending a dinner? Date?
I love adding a statement necklace to the look. It can be a delicate pendant as it can be a textured chocker. Take a chance & step out of your bubble.

2 for 1?
Style & Warmth?
What better than a knitted infinity scarf. Or any scarf of that matter. 

Leather goods?
Try leather gloves! Hey, there are more than just those black ones that half the society wears.

Add a....
Belt to your coat
Vest to your shirt
Coloured tights to your skirt

Add a companion...
A clutch will always help you seal the deal. 
Don't always carry your weekday tote with you.


Every blogger, any stylists and every editorial mag can be writing their own version &/or theory on style.
I just want to emphasize my theory on style, especially (as mentioned above) in seasons that are a little harder to dress for.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I keep hearing everyone complaining about street style becoming so... "clone-ish"?!
It's easy. Just like everything else in life, it is not a matter of complaining about something, it is about turning that complaint into action. 
Fashion shouldn't be any different than anything else.
If you truly do believe or love something, you shouldn't have anyone's approval to follow it in any way you want.

Make your Holiday atmosphere become the perfect example for your winter style...
If we can go all out on our Christmas decorations, then why can't we also apply that "free spirit" to our wardrobe?



JKal -xo

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