Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A gift outside the box

As mentioned in my previous article, the Holidays are just around the corner!! 
Not only does this translate into spending extra precious time with your loved-ones but also means that you will soon be HUNTING for the perfect gift.
Here's a little secret of mine that I will share...
I often get more excited of wrapping a gift than the actual gift itself.

This all depends, of course, to whom you are giving it to.
I personally believe that the creativity & effort put behind a gift and its wrapping is much more meaningful than the idea of receiving "just another" one of those Christmas gifts.

Giving up on ideas?
Not so fast! Read a little and then judge your situation...

Before I start, let's just make sure we're on the same page.
These are just basic ideas. Always remember what I say..."think outside your bubble and allow yourself to add your own touch."

oh yes, the hardest ones. 
How often do you hear " You shouldn't have!"- "Why?"-"I don't need anything!"
Okay, well let's try and change that to "You are so thoughtful!", shall we?
Parents are a pair, right? That's why I love to offer one big gift that represents them both. 
Scratch the perfumes and clothes. Create a story line.
For example, use the kitchen. Before doing so, X the Christmas gift bag! You have a mind of your own: use it in every creative way possible.
So I'm thinking of a basket... medium size.
Why not fill it with useful goodies? 
Don't forget, you must have both male & female touch.
Tea jars with organic teas, kitchen accessories, wine bottle, recipe book, classy kitchen cloths, spices, & maybe...Lady Godiva?

This all depends on the age difference you have with them.
If you're the older one and your little sister or brother are still very young, well...we unfortunately need to stay on the basic & easy level: Spoil them with Toys. 
On the other hand, if you're close enough with them, what better than an activity to bring you even closer? 
Mani & Pedi with a sister or even a ski trip with the brother?

PS: a gift isn't always meant to fit in a gift bag...

You either have it or you don't.
Come on! She's your best friend! There is no better target for the creative challenge. 
I am sure she spilled some tips over your last 101 conversations. A girl will always talk about what she wants, what she needs & what she dreams of.
Now is the time to show her that you paid attention to every single word that she said.
Mix Purchase & Homemade together : make your own personal card, hunt for those scented creams that only you can guess her top favourites & add some jewels with that cheesy tacky movie she refused to buy on her own.
In conclusion, combine all in a decorative box she can use for storage in her room for the future.

ah- the tricky one.
It's a mixture between getting him what you want him to have vs what he wants.
It's easy. You go with both.
Shopping for the bf should be the funnest one of all. 
This is the one gift that has no rules and no limits.
This one will completely be up to you.
After all, you should be the only one coming up with THE perfect idea.

In the end, it's just a matter of showing that we care.
You know how we all say that it's the thought that counts?
Don't forget, it's not just about the thought of purchasing something, it's the thought process behind the idea.

Knowing I will put a smile on someone's face by showing them how much I know them just makes my Holiday season that much better and warmer!

Happy Creative Hunt


JKal -xo

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