Thursday, 20 December 2012

A Cozy Tradition

It's that special time of the year where you have two categories of outfits you end up LOVING & WEARING:
Classy & Cozy

Ladies, we do love our dresses and pumps but let's not hide the fact that this is the best time of the year to wear those cashmere sweaters & flannel pj's.
It's the time of the year when your vacation time is precious. You decide to take your fluffy moccasins out on a date in your living room & watch some traditional movies...

Here are some of my must-watch traditional Black&White/Colour movies that can put you in a warm & comfortable mood at any time:

1- Roman Holiday, 1953
2- Breakfast at Tiffany's,1961
3- Sound of Music, 1965
4- Titanic, 1997
5- Pride & Prejudice, 2005
6- Sex & the City, 2008

Let's not forget the best Christmas tradition of all... 

A movie you can watch at HOME, but never ALONE since 1990.

Have yourself a cozy movie marathon!

JKal -xo

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